Frequently Asked Questions is a social media paid marketing services seller, We use our experience, knowledge and research capabilities to find you the best , cheapest and trusted social media marketing services on the internet.
Our services are 100% safe. We will only ever ask for your social media username and link – never your password. Our website is also entirely secure and we only use the safest and most secure payment methods.
At the moment we currently accept All Major Crypto Currencies and Coinbase.
Congratulations! Please check your email inbox to find your confirmation email. Your order will begin automatically, so please be patient as your order gets processed.
We will be happy to receive your queries. Please feel free to send an email to or contact us from our regular contact page.
Yes, In rare situations that we fail to deliver on your order, you are entitled to a full refund. Please remember, though, that our services vary in terms of delivery time, also Note that at the moment we can only send refunds in Crypto Currency.
The amount of time it takes for a service to begin delivery varies from one to another. you can rest assured that it will begin within less than 24 hour.