BuySocialGrow Refund Policy

In your Money is safe !

It’s whether you get the service you paid for, or get your money back.

As an evidence of credibility, in we are offering our customers a full refund in case we fail to deliver any of our social media marketing services and that’s because we believe that trust is the main factor behind building a loyal costumers base.

In what situations you will be eligible to ask for a refund ?

  • Your order didn’t start delivering after more than 5 days from checkout
  • We failed to deliver any amount of views , likes , followers ..etc…
  • Order delivery took too much time than expected !

In what situations you can’t ask for a refund ?

  • Your video , page / profile , or post was deleted before order start or during delivery
  • During order delivery
  • You sent us wrong video , post , page , etc.. link, or wrong URL
  • Order started but you are not satisfied with delivery speed
  • Your Link or URL was changed after placing the order
  • You chose the wrong service or placed the order by mistake
  • Before 5 days from checkout

There are certain situations where only partial refunds are granted:

  • After receiving any amount of views , likes , followers , etc..
  • You started receiving your order but the counters stopped in certain point before order completion
  • views , likes , or followers keep dropping down even after refills

Finally Note That : Transaction fees will be deducted from the full refunded amount you will receive.

Also please put in mind ! that in some cases refunds can take up to 20 days to get processed.

How to ask for a refund ?

If you are eligible to ask for a refund then simply you can contact us from our Contact Page , or simply send us a message to the following email address